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Pumpkin Contest 2014 Winners

Yaskawa25 SrOp posted Tue at 14:34  -  2014contesthalloweenpumpkinwinners
Congratulations to the Queercraft Pumpkin Contest 2014 Winners!

Third Place(Tie): Tickle90 & Dng3rsP14y7hng
Second Place: Vorox3
First Place(Tie): Kirbyfan12 & JirafaSocks

They've done a lot of hard work and creative thinking to make these awesome pumpkins.

Lolly Congratulations!
What an incredible Halloween we had! We had an amazing Halloween night radio show with a costume contest and in-game contests. Thanks to everyone who participated! Special thanks to all of those who worked to plan, design, and make the events a success!

The highlight of the night was definitely the variety of great costumes and masked that rotated through TinyChat, and we've chosen three of our favorites for prizes.

First Place - 5,000 Marbles


Second Place - 3,000 Marbles

Third Place - 1,000 Marbles

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated! Special shout out to IzziePotter and littlegreendanny who not only pulled off wins, but had a second costume throughout the night!

Lolly Yay! Congratz Izzypotter and Littlegreendanny! #WeirdosUnite

Staff Appreciation Day Celebration!

Amy Admin posted Oct 4, 14
Tonight at 9PM EST we'll be celebrating our annual Staff Appreciation Day! There will be a live radio show (you can listen at queercraft.net/radio) hosted by Beau, Jay and Yask that you can call in to, minigames that you can compete in and win prizes at, and an awesome party warp. Our hosts will also be on Tinychat (password for the room is "lessthanthree"). Join us!

We've been in need of a nice city hall building in our City world for a while now. If you think you have what it takes to build us a nice city hall in a 50x100 (we'd like a nice little park behind the building, so it's longer than it is wide.) plot, then respond to this post with some links to builds you've done to show us what you can do.

Once we've chosen a builder, we'll work with you on what we're looking for.
jaybobular Mod i can help if i am working with someone
Eleanor I would like to apply! I am not working on any projects atm! Here is a link to my QC survival build. http://www.queercra ...
TRAEYBOY529 I'll see if i can help i founded a build team 2 months ago and i will try bring my team on the server to build it
We've had this award internally for a while now, but recently restarted it and wanted to make it public. This award is given monthly to a staffer that has gone above and beyond in their position, by being passionate, thorough, friendly, and helpful.

We've got two months to post here, starting with our July winner, DiamondSwordTW!

Queercraft Staffer of the Month - July, 2014

And today, we're excited to announce our August winner, Rebbie11!

Queercraft Staffer of the Month - August, 2014

Congratulations to you both, and thanks to all Queercraft staff for all you do every day!

Yaskawa25 SrOp Congrats you two!
kyandisaru Congratulations! Rebbie was my tour guide when I joined the server. U u U <3
Lolly YAY! Congratulations!
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