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5th Anniversary Celebration Audio

Kyle Op So proud of the thumbnail . Also anyone know when I roasted ben? I can't find it.
xXHittyKillsMcXx Mod Oh nooooo, oh lord is what I should say. It was fun all of the show and I had an extremely fun time! But Kirk and I on ...
playerkirk1 Mod Thank you, I can now relive the fucking most awkward thing I've ever dealt with on the server (at around 1:30:00)

Queercraft Gear

Beaupedia Admin posted Nov 26, 15  -  clothesgearshopswag

Have you gotten your Queercraft shirt yet? We've got them in all colors, with masculine, feminine, v-neck, and long-sleeved & hoodie designs. Check them out now!

Swaggy_Avesta Mod Hey I tried applying for mod it says i can't. Rude.
Swaggy_Avesta Mod No me gusta. Where is the rainbow. Needs the Gayness.
Wolferluv Mod Could i get that logo on a phone case for a motorola droid maxx?

We announced the winners live on air, the night of the Halloween radio show. Here they are:

First Place: Pumpkin Girl

Second Place: Jux & Button


Third Place: Jun & Malambo


Honorable Mentions: Hitty & Astro

HalfForm :O Malambo. You. Look. Fierce.
Malambo Mod the heels were like 95.5% of the outfit smh

Winners from the Halloween pumpkin contest have been chosen! Results are as follows:

1st Place: EnderBadger96

"Foxy" Pumpkin

2nd Place: astronautswanted & Jeremaster101

"Here's Beau" & Queercraft Pumpkin

3rd Place: CyberHoshi

Sad Pumpkin

Jeremaster101 Mod The pink sheep in my pumpkin's pic is like camera shy xD I was kinda surprised i won that tbh o3o
CyberHoshi Yey!
astronautswanted Op Wow, just saw this lmao. Cool!

QCinDC Meetup - October 22nd

Beaupedia Admin posted Sep 4, 16  -  eventmeetup

Have you heard? We're having our first Queercraft DC meetup on Saturday, October 22nd! If you're interested in attending, please head over here for more info.


QCinDC Shop

Beaupedia Admin My ticket has been purchased!
TardusBlu Its on October 22nd now
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