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Beaupedia AdminSrOpOpMod posted Nov 26, 15  -  clothesgearshopswag

Have you gotten your Queercraft shirt yet? We've got them in all colors, with masculine, feminine, v-neck, and long-sleeved & hoodie designs. Check them out now!

...:::Kenny:::... Needs to be more gay.
SarahDahPanda Mod Maybe things like QC mouse/keyboards could be cool? Or even just like, a QC mouse pad or something c: Just an idea~ Als...
iSkyler Mod I fucking need all of them right now!!!!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools' Day fun! "Queercraft" is here to stay! ;)

Although “queer” is a relatively well-reclaimed umbrella term for the LGBTQ, to some people, it remains controversial. After weeks of deliberation to find a name that would communicate “LGBTQ-friendly” in a universally positive and affirming light, we came up with the perfect new name: Pridecraft!

But then, who would have thought, it was already taken!

This left us no choice but to go with our back-up plan, RainBeauCraft ™. We have since reasoned, that we really do like this alternative. Rainbows are an eternally cheery LGBTQ symbol. The RainBeau spelling additionally serves to honor our founder Beaupedia. (And “Rainbow Craft” was already taken too.)

Over the next few weeks, you may find traces of our former name scattered throughout the community, as they are gradually replaced. This gradual process will allow us to work at a leisurely pace, and allow you, our members, a chance to adjust to this much needed change.

RainBeauCraft Admin

TRAEYBOY529 I thought this was a joke.... the joke's not finished, apparently here.
Eleanor When is the giant Beau statue replacement for spawn tower coming?
iSkyler Mod I love this server no matter what it's called it will be qc but a new name under our hearts <3

The results of the January 2016 Snowflake Building Contest are in:

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

Holidays Are Here!

littlegreendanny AdminSrOpOpMod posted Nov 28, 15

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are here at spawn again. Our buildings and roads are festively decorated, and tokens pertaining to each major holiday can be found along the main road, along with lots of snow!

Secret Santa is happening again too! Click here for more info and sign-up instructions!

A snowflake building contest will be ongoing at /warp snow through the first half of December. More info here!

Labyrinth Race Sneak Peak

Beaupedia AdminSrOpOpMod posted Sep 15, 15  -  contesteventlabyrinthminecraftvideos

Date: September 26th, 2015
Time: 12:00PM Pacific Time (Labyrinth lobby will open one hour prior to event time)

Event clues & rules

Lanuti_Yo if you made this remix IM FRICKIN BEGGING you TO SEND ME MORE REMIXES
Mariska OpMod Took so long to get all of this ready. I really hope you all are getting PUMPED for this as much as we all are \o/ *sile...
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