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Queercraft Meetup 2017 - Chicago, IL, USA

5th Anniversary Celebration Audio

Kyle Op So proud of the thumbnail . Also anyone know when I roasted ben? I can't find it.
HittyTheBunnyBoo Oh nooooo, oh lord is what I should say. It was fun all of the show and I had an extremely fun time! But Kirk and I on ...
kirky_bunny Thank you, I can now relive the fucking most awkward thing I've ever dealt with on the server (at around 1:30:00)

Queercraft Gear

Beaupedia Admin posted Nov 26, 15  -  clothesgearshopswag

Have you gotten your Queercraft shirt yet? We've got them in all colors, with masculine, feminine, v-neck, and long-sleeved & hoodie designs. Check them out now!

Swaggy_Avesta Mod Hey I tried applying for mod it says i can't. Rude.
Swaggy_Avesta Mod No me gusta. Where is the rainbow. Needs the Gayness.
Wolferluv Mod Could i get that logo on a phone case for a motorola droid maxx?

We announced the winners live on air, the night of the Halloween radio show. Here they are:

First Place: Pumpkin Girl

Second Place: Jux & Button


Third Place: Jun & Malambo


Honorable Mentions: Hitty & Astro

HalfForm :O Malambo. You. Look. Fierce.
Malambo Mod the heels were like 95.5% of the outfit smh

Winners from the Halloween pumpkin contest have been chosen! Results are as follows:

1st Place: EnderBadger96

"Foxy" Pumpkin

2nd Place: astronautswanted & Jeremaster101

"Here's Beau" & Queercraft Pumpkin

3rd Place: CyberHoshi

Sad Pumpkin

Jeremaster101 Mod The pink sheep in my pumpkin's pic is like camera shy xD I was kinda surprised i won that tbh o3o
CyberHoshi Yey!
astronautswanted Op Wow, just saw this lmao. Cool!
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