QC Meetup 2017 - Photos & Videos

Beaupedia Admin posted Sep 2, 17  -  eventmeetup

We've finally got the photos and videos from the 2017 meetup ready for you to view! Click the image below to head to the gallery.

Absentt I love that you all pulled the finger at Trump Towers.
Britta SrOp Sensory overload at 7:30AM. LOVING IT
Avesta Mod Nice

Queercraft Gear

Beaupedia Admin posted Nov 26, 15  -  clothesgearshopswag

Have you gotten your Queercraft shirt yet? We've got them in all colors, with masculine, feminine, v-neck, and long-sleeved & hoodie designs. Check them out now!

Avesta Mod No me gusta. Where is the rainbow. Needs the Gayness.
Jasper/Wolfer/Thiccitalian Mod Could i get that logo on a phone case for a motorola droid maxx?
...:::Kenny:::... Needs to be more gay.
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