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QuickShop Items

Beaupedia posted Jul 11, 14  -  minecraftplugins
We've removed the floating items above QuickShop chests for now. Each item counts as an entity and contributes to lag, so we'll see how things go without them. The good news is, we've grown so much that even with limits in place on shops per player, we still have thousands!

It's likely that we'll have to switch to a new shop plugin anyway when 1.8 comes out as QuickShop hasn't been updated in over a year. We'll keep you updated.

b4rakat Mod downside: flower shops are now very confusing places

Chunk Mob Limits

Beaupedia posted Jun 22, 14  -  minecraft
We will be lowering the mob chunk limits to 50 mobs per chunk in the next day or two. With the last few updates Minecraft servers have gotten more and more laggy and this is mostly caused by mobs. We, like most servers, are having to cap mobs to combat this.

While this isn't ideal, we hope that you understand our need to keep the server running smoothly for everyone. Please do your best to safeguard against any loss from this change; we will be unable to replace mobs lost to this new limit.
Baron Talleyrand So, I'm curious as to exactly how the mob limit works. For example, if I were to build a farm and have 50 cows on a chun ...
m1ndf4wk Nevermind, I googled it!
m1ndf4wk What defines a "chunk"?
Hosts: Jay & Jake

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Yaskawa25 Op I already whip it out when in doubt.


Beaupedia posted Jun 2, 14  -  minecraft
We have now updated to 1.7.9. Nothing fancy with this one, but it allows everyone that previously updated their client to connect.

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