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Holidays Are Here!

littlegreendanny Admin posted 9 hours ago

Happy Holidays!

The holidays are here at spawn again. Our buildings and roads are festively decorated, and tokens pertaining to each major holiday can be found along the main road, along with lots of snow!

Secret Santa is happening again too! Click here for more info and sign-up instructions!

A snowflake building contest will be ongoing at /warp snow through the first half of December. More info here!

Queercraft Gear

Beaupedia posted Thu at 20:18

Have you gotten your Queercraft shirt yet? We've got them in all colors, with masculine, feminine, v-neck, and long-sleeved designs. Check them out now!

sebastionwolf Mod when i get my paycheck imma buy me one
EvelynMariexo I want one so bad ;-;

Summer Fundraiser 2015

Beaupedia posted Thu at 20:19  -  donateeventfundraiserparty

Join us at 9PM Eastern/6PM Pacific for one of our biggest events of the year, our Summer Fundraiser! We'll be on air with a special Queercraft LIVE and we've got lots of games and contests planned inside of Minecraft! We've also got our largest stash of prizes to date, so don't miss out!

Help us get a head start on our fundraising by giving now!

MusicPanda6000 Mod I love new peeps joining Queercraft support the LGBT etc sexual gender <3

Date: September 26th, 2015
Time: 12:00PM Pacific Time (Labyrinth lobby will open one hour prior to event time)

Event clues & rules

ajking525 if you made this remix IM FRICKIN BEGGING you TO SEND ME MORE REMIXES
Mariska Op Took so long to get all of this ready. I really hope you all are getting PUMPED for this as much as we all are \o/ *sile ...

Some of our members got together and made this hysterical video and we wanted to share it with you.

Huge thanks to onionlicker for producing, directing, and editing this video! Major props to the participants cloroxsniffer, oliveoil69, AllTooWell, qDanny, Wingman_77, Thebeast174, Yaskawa25, and littlegreendanny.

ShooShoo Mod The best line that made me laugh was "Are you having a slight stroke?" xD
Lolly Mod I can die now, this is the absolute embodiment of perfection!
AlexanderMiles Op Holy shit is this what you were giggling about on the radio the other day? this is fucking hilarious
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