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It's finally here! After a long delay, here is episode 5 of A Brain Between Us (yes, we finally settled on a name!). This is a two part episode, check out part two next week.

Hosts: Jay & Beau
Guest Host: Izzie

And as promised, here for your viewing pleasure, is Lil' Baby Jay.

robenbobben Op
_Robenbobben_ @ Queercraft
brb making this my desktop background
JoshGood Mod @8:25 SUCH an Irish thing lol.

Change Your Passwords!

Beaupedia Admin posted Apr 10, 14  -  minecraftmojangsecurity
Please read this important message from Mojang. Change your password for Minecraft and here on queercraft.net.

Mobs & Mars

Beaupedia Admin posted Apr 8, 14  -  minecraftworlds
We've implemented a new mob limit of 100 mobs per chunk. Unless you're crazy with your animals, this shouldn't impact you.

We've also added a new creative world and it's a fun one! Introducing Mars!

This world is for space themed creative builds. Glass domes are available upon request, just ask an Op.

The warp will be active later today after we make some final touches to this new, exciting world!
hippiecheese coming from someone who usually has 150 chickens alone, this cap is good for me, it may teach me to limit my mobs a bit ...
Vorox3 Mod SPACE! SPACE! GOTTA SEE IT ALL! Yes, I'm so excited for this! Bases! Landers! Spaceships and shuttles! An observatory! O ...
Eleanor Please consider raising the mob cap to at least 150. It requires 130~ mobs from an XP grinder to level to 30. Capping t ...
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