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Our Bountiful Update

Beaupedia posted Dec 1, 14  -  minecraftmojangplugins

It's finally here! We've updated to 1.8 and are enjoying all of the fun and excitement that goes along with that, as well as the speed bumps. We did have a rollback upon updating and up to 24 hours of work may have been lost. If this is the case for you, please notify an Op and they can use Logblock to recover the lost work.

We will be expanding the world borders considerably in the next few days and all of the new blocks and mobs will be plentiful, we just ask for your patience as we work out the kinks.

Enjoy our great, bountiful world!

Roadkill racoon i like the banner
Fluffysergal This is great news!
Hxrmful (Jake02702) Thanks Beau and Amy! I just registered today so ...

Don't Change Your Username Yet

Amy Admin posted Feb 4, 15

As you may know, Mojang has recently implemented username changes for Minecraft accounts. However, here on QC, some of our plugins don't fully support username changing quite yet.

If you don't want your Ontime to reset, to have issues with your chests and such, and probably a myriad of other things, don't change your username yet.

We're confident we can recover Ontime/chest permissions for anyone who has already changed theirs, and we're working as hard as we can to fix all of this.


If you have already changed your username, an Op should be able to help unlock your things. It might take a while to find a free one, though.

If you haven't yet changed your username, but want to, you can use /cpersist and /unlock to go around your home and unlock your things, change your name, then go around and use /lock to lock everything again.

Thom_Noctleigh Just coming back to the server (hopefully permanently now). I saw this and want to change my name to capitalize the firs ...
LennetteSparkle I don't even know how to change my name so... I'm good! xD
User I know smurphy_boy37 (or 137?) changed his user to LanaDelBae_ and can't get in his chests.

We had an amazing night last night celebrating Queercraft's 3rd anniversary. We had some fantastic games and contests with great prizes donated by members of the community, as well as a 6 hour party on the radio and in TinyChat. Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to those of you who donated to keep us around for future anniversaries!

We also had the exciting opportunity to announce the winners of our December build contest where we asked for designs of waypoint spawn towers for our new waypoints. The waypoints will allow players to get further out on the map, midway between our old, former border and our new expanded border. Expect to see those within the next week.

Builds were judged in four categories: Originality, Detail, Coherence of Theme, Wow Factor.

We had 5 judges, each able to award up to 10 points in each category with a potential total of 200 points.


Congratulations to our winners:

Fourth Place - makimaki93(Plot 1) - 153 Points

Third Place - Deatux17, Ryuuski, AllenAdor(Plot 15) - 161 Points

Second Place - Lollytime(Plot 8) - 165 Points

First Place - Elijahice1, Mystical1, Smurphy_boy37(Plot 21) - 170 Points

User I was totally gone when this happened - where can I see the build? Is there a photo?
walnut Congrats to the winners! What are the winner's plot numbers? Can't hardly wait for the waypoints too get placed! Whoo! ...

Pumpkin Contest 2014 Winners

Yaskawa25 SrOp posted Nov 18, 14  -  2014contesthalloweenpumpkinwinners
Congratulations to the Queercraft Pumpkin Contest 2014 Winners!

Third Place(Tie): Tickle90 & Dng3rsP14y7hng
Second Place: Vorox3
First Place(Tie): Kirbyfan12 & JirafaSocks

They've done a lot of hard work and creative thinking to make these awesome pumpkins.

Lolly Op Congratulations!
What an incredible Halloween we had! We had an amazing Halloween night radio show with a costume contest and in-game contests. Thanks to everyone who participated! Special thanks to all of those who worked to plan, design, and make the events a success!

The highlight of the night was definitely the variety of great costumes and masked that rotated through TinyChat, and we've chosen three of our favorites for prizes.

First Place - 5,000 Marbles


Second Place - 3,000 Marbles

Third Place - 1,000 Marbles

Congratulations to our winners and thanks again to everyone who participated! Special shout out to IzziePotter and littlegreendanny who not only pulled off wins, but had a second costume throughout the night!

Lolly Op Yay! Congratz Izzypotter and Littlegreendanny! #WeirdosUnite
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