1. Absolutely NO discrimination.
2. No griefing.
3. No hacked clients. No flying, no x-ray. We value fairness, this will get you banned.
4. Remember, it's just a game. Relax and have fun.


• English only in main chat as we can only guarantee appropriate moderation of chat in English.

• Nicknames must be 3-20 characters long.

• Do not joke about sexual assault. Do not use "rape" jokingly.

• No sexual roleplaying in main chat. Take that stuff to private message.

• No hard drug talk. Marijuana is not a hard drug.

• Do not call anyone "bitch" or "fag", we know you are joking, but don't do it. (Here's why we don't like "bitch" -

• Using the print function on plugins to automatically place blocks is forbidden.

• No anti-AFK machines. The server rewards people for play time, this keeps it fair.

Discord: Headphones are not optional.

Zoom: No smoking/vaping on cam.