Dean asked me to share this some time ago and I forgot, but here it is:

Snufkin wrote:
Well everyone of queercraft thanks for reading this post. I am every sorry for all they grief I put on players through my years of playing here. When I started playing I didn't take a lot of things series but I have learn over the years that this place is they best thing that ever happened to me. I met my 2 best friends in the world on this server and some I disliked and now have become great friends with.

I just wanna say sorry to everyone of the queercraft community for my rudeness, disrespect, arguing, harassments, and hateful comments. They say you don't know what you have till you lose it I now know what that means and how it feels. I wasted my chances on queercraft by just thinking I cant be touched, that queercraft would unban anyone for what ever. I believed that unbanning people here was foolish but the only fool here is me.

I had too many chances by staff and I completely wasted them by spitting in there face. I am every proud of what I learn here; how to be more respectful.

They most inportant thing I learned is to let go and be happy and wish you all a good time on QC. Take it from me, its not worth losing queercraft, its they best place to so many its a sanctuary. I hope you all the best. -dean