Some things have to be expressed.

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Hey there, everyone. Lately, I've been very "closed" off from the server. Meaning, I haven't been feeling happy for the past year, I've been dealing with multiple corners and walls of harassment online lately. *Sexually harassed, verbally harassed, etc.*
I will get to this in a bit, but I'm not suicidal, I'm going through some self-loathing currently. I've been saying to myself that everything is my fault when it really isn't. Anyways, I'll explain what I've been dealing with for the past year.

~August 2017: I was in an LGBTQ+ Discord server (not this server) when a group of people invited me to a "Private group DM". We had fun, shared our voices, shared our faces, shared our names until someone in the group decided "Hey, let me look at this person (me) through Google and see what pops up."
The person did that and it popped up with a famous actor/director "Max Greenfield", it wasn't too long for them to start talking about me, but they weren't saying nice things about me anymore, they were harassing me, they were calling me a "pedophile", they were saying that I was actually a 40-year-old man, they accused me of catfishing. The worst part of this was, an admin of that same Discord server harassed me also. They didn't even bother trying to stop the group from harassing me; they jumped to harass me.

This has been latched onto me for almost a year now, and I'm trying to get rid of this issue.

~May 2018: Recently, someone from another Discord server triggered the trauma again. This person sexually harassed me in a DM on Discord, they harassed a bunch of people on their own server. They tried to get in the way between my boyfriend and me. You may ask "How does this trigger the trauma of your pass issue?"
Because I lost faith and trust in people, I lost trust from those people that harassed me a year ago. I lost trust again from this user that harassed my not too long ago.
If you ever see me online, I never talk about my age, my face, nor my life. I never talk in voice chats, because I can't trust people in what they think of me anymore.

~June 2018: The harassment gets worse, I've been struggling even more. I expressed my feelings on a Discord server that has over 2,000+ users. I told everyone the truth about my catfish accusations. 2-3 weeks later, I feel insecure again. Then, it the same thing happened from a year ago. A group of people harasses me, saying that I don't deserve to have friends, that I shouldn't even be online, that I should get any help. They tried to drive me to suicide, I even explained to the owner of the server who the people were, and they eventually stopped them from harassing me. I wasn't on that server for 2-3 weeks, because I needed to take time away from people. I eventually returned to that server, and I'm hoping that I can feel better, I'm hoping that I can finally see if I can trust people.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I may sound a little bit under the weather, but don't worry, I'm hoping that I feel better after this. Somethings have to be expressed, though.
I'm not suicidal, I'm slightly depressed. I'm getting the help I need, but slowly. I hope you guys understand what I'm going through, and I hope you don't see me as a bad person.

(My real name is "Max", and I hate my name ever since the first issue happened, I prefer to go by either "Oracle" or "Nick", and please respect that. I don't want any more problems to stack up to actually kill me.)

If you don't know what my in-game name is, it's "SergeantSergal" or my nickname is "Mr_Oracle". Thank you.
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Hello Mr Oracle Fox.

I am so sorry to see what you've been through! This is atrocious. I hope you feel better soon! No one deserves anything like this. Please avoid those people and/or those servers!
I really hope you get the help you need, those types of people are just horrendous to do such things.

If anything like this happens on QC please tell us. There are lots of people here who would love to help you and if you ever want to talk to someone there are lots of people available on Discord and in game!
Glazed Terracotta sounds like a cheese
Posted Jul 10, 18
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