Hey all! I've decided to merge some of my hobbies, and I've been meaning to get more practice with songwriting-- so why not write songs AND play minecraft?

In my new store, I will be (soon) selling in-game items, but I plan to also do other things that are not in-game and one of the first things that I'm debuting on QC is my Songwriting...challenge? I don't know exactly what to call it, but the point is, I'll write you a song for 50M, a full song.

By full song, I mean a song with a beginning, a middle and a conclusion(somewhat), usually but not always following the structure, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-chorus... song length is not ever pre-meditated for me.

possible customer wrote:
Cool! I want to buy a song from you!!

Amazzziinnggg!!! Since I'm not being compensated with real physical money, these tracks will not be fully produced, in fact some of you may just get me playing my ukulele and singing the song with nothing else, others may get backing vocals but it's not based on client, it's based purely upon the song.
Think about whether you actually have an idea for a song, (holiday, seasons, feelings, people, crushes, enemies, themes, emotions,) but don't hurt yourself trying! It's completely fine if you don't have any specific ideas for your song.

Come up with 5 words. They can be randomly generated online, or carefully/randomly chosen by you-- just know that I can't read your mind and I might come up with something you hadn't thought of if you don't specify. These words will appear in some form or another in the song, "Stamp" may become "Stamped" or "Stamps" or perhaps just inspire little lyrical moment about letters. The purpose of these random words are the true secret ingredients to making these songs special for you. Neither you nor I knew you'd choose those words before you did, and that makes this song special for what it is, when it is and how it's written. These words will inspire thoughts and feelings and moods that will drive my hands into spinning this pottery like that scene in Ghost.
Contact me! You can do this in-game whether I'm online or not using the /mail iamjohwee command along with your inquiry and your 5 words. You can also find me on the QC discord as @joey. If I'm online in-game, feel free to /msg me or just talk to in the main chat.
If I accept your request, I'll begin working on your song as soon as I'm paid(as long as I'm not already working on another song-- in which case you'll be added to a queue, and notified once I've begun working on your song!). All you have to do it wait! It shouldn't take more than a week and a half to finish your song-- I will make sure to notify if it will take longer.
By this step, you should have your BOP! It's time to groove to the music, and gleam with pride as you realize that the song was created for you! Or created for one of your friends on QC! It's time to Party, people!!!

That's about it for this post, but before I leave, I'm going to leave a link to an EP I wrote lyrics and did all the vocals for so you can get a small taste of what I can do: CLICK HERE

THE PEEP SONG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLJ3_VZcK5c

ASTEROIDS AND HELIAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZlL5uKfS8k

Alright Party People, this is me signing off...

Joey (or Johwee)