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Like us on Facebook and follow along on Twitter for updates as well as network with other QC folks. Even when it’s not a radio night, listen to share music in the QC plug.dj room, or cam up together on Zoom.
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Beyond Minecraft - Overwatch, LoL, SMITE, Fortnite, PUBG, and Cards Against Humanity each have dedicated Discord channels on QC. We also have a TF2 server, where we play on Saturday nights (EST) after the radio show. Join us each week for a different free game at 10:30 EST for Friday Night Game Night. 1st Friday: Drawful / 2nd Friday: Town of Salem 3rd Friday: Warlight / 4th Friday: Cards Against Humanity.
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Queercraft LIVE! On Saturday nights, convene for a LIVE radio show hosted by DJ Beaupedia. Request songs, hang out on webcam in our Zoom room and in-game on the Minecraft server. We have various special shows throughout the year where listeners play along in contests to win games. Listen to your favorite QC hits any time you like at www.queercraft.net/radio.
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Queercraft IRL? Queercraft IRL! With players all over the world, organized meetups mean a time to commune with other LGBTQ people and allies over shared interests. Connecting face to face affirms the important bonds created online and strengthens friendships for the long term. Check out pics of our 2016 DC Meetup and our 2017 Chicago Meetup! Our 2018 Meetup in Denver, CO is this August 4th & 5th!  Click here for more information.


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New Merchandise Designs

Beaupedia Admin posted May 4, 18  -  clothesgearshopswag

We're excited to introduce a series of all new merchandise designs! You've asked for more color and we've got you covered with a variety of designs and styles to choose from. To help you get your hands on these new designs use coupon code SHIP2ME for free shipping through May 6th!

Skyler/Peppermint These designs are great, I especially like the hoodies. Thanks Danny!!!!
Kitty Powers Op I like the dog bandanas the best. So cuteeeee!!!!!
literaltrxsh Op Designs look amazing! C:

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