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Survival Building Guidelines

Required Reading

Between the first ring road (at 250 from spawn) and the second ring road (at 500 from spawn) you may not claim more than one plot measuring 30×30 (or 900 square blocks). You may not combine your claim with another player to claim more than 900 square blocks. The inactive regen period for this land will be 30 days.

If you build along one of the main or cross roads the front of your build must be at least 3 (Not including stone slabs) blocks away from the side of the road. You may build above the roads, but there must be at least 5 blocks of clearance between the road surface and the bottom of your build. Use this for connecting builds on both sides of the road with arches or bridges, not to build floating buildings above the road.

Additionally, builds along the main roads should leave 5 blocks of space between any new build and any existing neighboring build, except where permission to build closer has been given.

You may not alter the tunnels on the main roads in any way, this includes removing blocks to build into the walls of the tunnel.

For non-road-adjacent buildings, what is considered “too close” is not set at a specific number of blocks,
but as a rule of thumb, the further you get from spawn and the roads, the more space you should leave between
your build and any neighbor you may encounter.

You may claim/loot/destroy the following generated buildings:
villages, desert temples, jungle temples, witch huts, igloos, ocean monuments, nether fortresses, and end cities/ships. Like a mountain or any other feature, you can’t claim an entire structure simply by putting a sign on it.
You need to build in/on it or modify it to be claiming it.
You may not claim or destroy the woodland mansions or the strongholds on the map.
You may not claim or destroy entire cherry groves or mushroom islands.

You may not build above somebody’s land/house that is on the surface.

No floating buildings/islands/structures or any kind of garish towers within 3000 blocks of spawn.
No pet withers within 3000 blocks of spawn. The outermost main circle road is at 3000,
so feel free to build floating structures and whatever else you would like beyond that.

Feel free to connect your own side roads to the main roads.
Your side roads can be in whatever style you wish, but they cannot be identical to the main roads.

You may not modify the main roads, other than to remove up to 3 sidesteps to allow for your road or entrance.
This also applies to the roads encircling the Nether spawn.

No massive FPS lag causing water or lava flows, no ugly buildings for the sake of trolling.
You know exactly what we mean, and we will remove your builds.

If you become inactive on the server for 60 days your buildings and items will likely be removed.
If you know in advance that you will be gone for an extended period of time, but will be returning,
we may be able to work with you; just let us know.

Maps world: Mapart must be built in the Maps world. Mapart platforms and storage systems only. No other builds – homes, mob farms, etc. You may not drain the water in the Maps world.

City world: All builds must be city-themed. Non-city-themed builds are subject to removal. In the “Downtown” region (the 7 by 7 plot area at the center) builds may only use one plot and must be at least 75 blocks tall. One plot per person in the Downtown region.
“Placeholder” blocks (eg. signs, torches, small builds, etc. to simply mark the plot) will not be considered a valid claim to a plot.

Pluto world: Builds that are not space-themed must be inside a glass dome. Any Op or higher can create domes for non-space-themed builds. Flags may not be built more than 10 blocks away from the edge of the world.

It is very likely that this document will be added to and amended as we move forward.
Let’s do the best we can to keep Nova fun and beautiful for everyone!